With EU4Business help, Belarus telematics manufacturer increases productivity with enhanced business processes

Orange pipes for fibre optic connection ADSL users.

With funding from the European Union, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) helped Mechatronics, a telematics producer from Belarus, to enhance the effectiveness of their business processes, optimise the organisational structure and increase labour productivity by 34% per year.

The EBRD helped Mechatronics, a producer of equipment for fuel level and consumption control from Belarus, to improve the effectiveness of their business processes and optimise their organisational structure, thus increasing labour productivity in the company by 34%.

Mechatronics CJSC is a manufacturer and exporter of equipment for fuel level and consumption control, and information displays (under the Eurosens brand) from Belarus. The company was founded in Vileika, a town in the Minsk region, in 2013 by a team of like-minded people who have 15 years of experience in fuel control and precision mechanics. 

At the initial business development stage, the owners and managers of the company were focused on developing and offering to the market a wide range of high-quality devices for controlling fuel consumption. The economic crisis in the CIS countries has shown that such integral parts of business and organised business processes, together with effective communication between departments, a transparent organisational structure and clearly defined and distributed staff responsibilities, are vital for product competitiveness and the successful development of the company.

The EBRD connected Mechatronics with Veronika Klimentionok, a Belarusian consultant for management and organisational development, who helped the company develop and implement:

• Strategic and operational planning system;
• New organisational structure, involving such departments as technical support, logistics and strategic development;
• Map and matrix of business processes;
• Sales standards, dealer policy, warranty service regulations and job description for the sales manager; and
• Supply process and supplier relationship regulations;

Within a year after the end of the project, the company significantly increased the efficiency of its supplies, manufacturing, warranty service, sales and marketing processes; expanded its product range and sales geography to 42 countries, from Russia and Eastern Europe to Latin America and Asia; and is exporting almost 90% of its products. Turnover in the company has increased by 38% and productivity by 34%. In the future, the company plans to design and develop new types of equipment, expand the geography of sales, certify tools in the European Union, extend the manufacturing facilities, and organise representative offices and new service centres abroad.

Total project value

€14 458

Client contribution

€4 519