‘Unleash The Future’ event in Armenia unites generations of tech, science and business people

Participants at the Unleash The Future forum in Yerevan on 30 May.

Over 200 representatives of the Armenian tech and science community gathered for the Unleash The Future forum in Yerevan on 30 May.

The event was organised by SmartGateVC in cooperation with the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST), and with the support of EU4Business and EU4Innovation.

The aim of the forum was to link different generations of Armenian entrepreneurs and scientists, while discussing global technological trends and Armenia’s status in today’s tech world.

Targeting cutting edge technologies

Messages from keynote speakers were that:

  • Armenia has a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community in Europe and the US, while attracting talent from Russia, Ukraine & Belarus;
  • Armenian hardware is already targeting 5G mobile communications, working with oil/gas and car manufacturers in Russian/Eurasian markets;
  • Huge growth in the number of IoT devices means cybersecurity will be crucial in the future;
  • Research funding should be directed to cutting-edge, long-term and open-source projects, and;
  • Armenia can become a global tech education hub.

Great community of tech professionals in Armenia

“There is an awesome community of tech entrepreneurs, scientists and education professionals in Armenia - with different generations involved.  All this is solid ground to get Armenia to the next level,” commented Ashot Arzumanyan, co-founder of SmartGateVC. 

SmartGateVC is a seed fund for Armenian start-ups. It specialises in AI, cybersecurity, and Internet of Things (IoT), as well as emerging quantum computing, biotech and fintech.