Round Table: ‘OTT video content market: modern technologies VS outdated laws’

‘OTT video content market: modern technologies VS outdated laws’

On 16 March in Kyiv, the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) in Ukraine is organising a round table to discuss its review of regulations in the field of Over the Top technology (OTT).

New technologies are rapidly gaining momentum, especially in the field of distributing audiovisual media content. One of the most progressive among them is so-called Over the Top technology (OTT), which allows the delivery of real-time content over network operators/telecommunications providers to any user connected to the Internet.

However, current Ukrainian legislation in the scope of television and radio does not take into account changes in the audiovisual sector and only partially covers the provision of services using OTT technology.

BRDO experts have conducted a systematic review of the regulatory field in the market, the results of which are presented in the Green Book OTT-Video Content Market, which will be the subject of the round table discussion.

The goal is to find out what is needed to create an effective regulation for the modern technology market, how to build a proper market for the use of audiovisual content and effective mechanisms of copyright protection, how to ensure fair competition and equal conditions for domestic and foreign providers.

The BRDO is funded by the European Union within the framework of the FORBIZ project and the EU4Business Initiative, with the aim of simplifying the process of doing business and providing effective state regulation in key sectors of the economy.




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