Change management for consulting: four-day course in Yerevan

Workshop on change management for consulting
22/05/2019 to 23/05/2019

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) Advice for Small Businesses programmeis organising a four-day course in Yerevan on change management for consulting, as part of the EU4Business initiative. The course takes place on 17-18 April and 22-23 May.

The course will be led by world-class expert in business consulting, author of bestseller and coach Janet P. Poot, providing Armenian management consultants to take part in a special interactive training programme, focused on developing practical skills for change management.

The course will feature detailed management tools and methodologies for business process changes, as well as individual practical sessions delivered for participants with a view to ensure a high level of practical efficiency. 

The course will help participants to: 

  • Understand the specifics and features of different change management approaches and to identify appropriate tools for each type of consulting project; 
  • Lead/carry out successful changes in the client's company, taking into account the company’s readiness for change and specific needs; 
  • Identify strategies for evaluating the change initiative and helping it to be accepted and implemented in the workplace of the client's company; 
  • Transfer international best practices in the area of change management in their consulting projects.

The first module on 17-18 April will focus on various change management models, approaches and insights including: 

  • Force field analysis 
  • One-dimensional vs. multidimensional approach to change
  • Identifying the key challenges in change processes
  • Corporate Culture
  • Generating support for and involvement in change initiatives
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Strategy and key success factors of organisational change 

The participants will then be given an assignment to apply the tools/concepts to one of their current consultancy projects.

The second module on 22-23 May will focus on change management cases in practice, with special attention to skilled facilitation and the role of the consultant. 

  • Sharing of experiences, effective practices and lessons learned 
  • Organisational culture in relation to change initiatives 
  • Skilled facilitation at different organisational levels
  • Practical exercises

The Advice for Small Businesses programme is part of the EU4Business initiative, and provides entrepreneurs with access to the know-how to transform their businesses, providing consultancy services and advice in areas including strategy, marketing, operations, quality management, energy efficiency, financial management and more.  


17-18/04/19 and 22-23/05/19


Participants need to fill out an online application form, or download the application, fill it out, enclose a CV and send it to email:

The training course fee is EUR 180 and the course will be delivered in English. The price includes training hand-out materials, refreshments and a follow-up consulting/coaching after the course.

Once the application is completed, the participants will be contacted for details about the course and payment procedure.

Contact: Varduhi Chilingaryan at or (010) 590901.

Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan
1 Amiryan Street